It Rained Hard at 11-AM and We Received Just Over 1-Inch In A Short Time.

June 6th, 2014

There were a few power outages in the area and some trees down but fortunately not at Blackburns Resort. The runoff clouded the backs of creeks but did not raise the lake level much. There is still very little generation. It is very cloudy now and we look to have good chances of rain for the next several days. It rarely keeps people off the lake all day. Last afternoon the sun came out and it was a beautiful evening. Bink invited me to go fishing yesterday morning and we had a great time. We went out at 5:30 AM and started top water fishing and did that until well after sunrise and then started spooning until it clouded up. He has his “Live in the Boat” radio Show every Thursday Morning at 8:45 Am on KTLO FM at 97.9 and it is a good place for people in the listening area to get a real fishing report from an experienced guide. The water surface temperature varies 3 or 4 degrees on these warm days and starts out about 78 degrees and ends up over 80. The main lake is clear down to about 30-feet and is perfect for water sports and swimming. Big striper fishing has been slow but some hybrids and White Bass are showing up. Bass are the best bite with crappie next then walleye. There are a lot of small walleye being caught and released but a few big ones. Blackburns has several big fish under the dock and the kids have fun feeding them and the turtles. We allow fishing off our dock and enjoy watching the kids catch them. I do not catch them but bring in more and turn them loose under it. They swim right into the school. They know when I am going to feed them and the fish and turtles come from all around when the first handful hits the water. All three of our Purple Martin Houses at the dock are full and I love to watch and listen to them. It is very nice here and wish you would visit. You will not pay too much. Compare prices. We are pet friendly.

Hot Again Today and Cooling to the 80’s Tomorrow for a Few Days.

June 4th, 2014

Fortunately we missed the severe weather again and it was a perfect day for water sports and swimming. I went out fishing again late last evening and caught the same thing as the day before except the two walleye were not undersized. They were 20-inches and very fat and healthy. Caught everything in brush at 22-feet. There are very few fish deeper than 30-feet. The lake level is 556.49 with very little generation and no signs of lowering the lake with Newport at 7.5 feet. Bink is catching some nice walleye on his spoons and so am I.

Caught on a Bink's Jigging Spoon.

Caught on a Bink's Jigging Spoon.

Sunny and Hot Today With a High of 90

June 3rd, 2014

Glad to see the clouds leave for a while but the fishing was good. It rained hard again at 3-Pm for a few minutes and then cleared up. The lake level is stable with just a little generation with no attempt to drop the lake with Newport at less than 8-feet. I caught five keeper bass, two undersized walleye and two very large crappie in a couple of hours fishing in the evening. The bass were hitting creature crawdads on a jig head in 20-feet of water on inside of a main lake point  just off the bottom on the drop off. The crappie over a big tree letting a twister tail drop into it. My tv camera showed a thermocline at 22-feet but not very pronounced and the water not as clear at that depth as it looks from the surface which is very clear. There looked to be a little algae bloom with a surface temperature of 78 degrees down to 21 or 22 feet. There are a lot of fish in the 20-foot range and few below 30-feet. If I were trolling for white bass I would try and keep the rooster tail at 20-25 feet deep no matter how deep the water is and go very slow, just fast enough to keep the spinner working. Look just inside mouths of creeks several feet before they meet the main lake and go back from 40 to 22 feet deep. Some are suspended and some are near the bottom. They like just outside brush piles. Bass fishing just before dark is good. The Kentucky Bass I cleaned were completely full of crawdads. The lake is in excellent condition and level for water sports and if you stay at Blackburns Resort you will not pay too much. Loyalty is good until you pay several hundred dollars too much.

It Rained Hard At 3-Pm For about 30-Minutes and then The Sun Came Out

June 1st, 2014

The Big Magnolia Is Starting To Bloom and It Smells Wonderful

The Big Magnolia Is Starting To Bloom and It Smells Wonderful

The rain gauges had about one inch total for two days with mostly pop up showers until yesterday afternoon. The lake level is 556.62 and stable with just a few hours of generation. There is no effort to drop the lake. The heavy rain muddied up the back of the creek and just outside of that the water is stained. The surface temperature in Blackburns creek is 80 degrees. I was so surprised I checked three locators all with the same results. It came up very fast. It is very good for swimming and water sports. The main lake is still clear. People are catching a variety of fish but few big stripers. If you get out early, take the middle of the day off, and go out again until late evening you can expect to catch a few crappie, bluegill, bass, catfish, white bass, Hybrid Striper, walleye and striper. They are not jumping in the boat and are not in a feeding frenzy but you can catch some good fish. Look for main lake brush piles. Blackburns has several. This cloudy weather has been here for five days now and I expect it to get hot soon. The normal high is 82 and we have been right on that almost every day. We are about five inches below average for annual precipitation but timely rains have kept everything very green. It has come in small increments and not all at once. That is good. Be glad to have you visit.

Cloudy and Overcast With Pop Up Showers For Next couple of days.

May 30th, 2014

Highs are near 80 and it is humid. We have received about 1/4 inch total for two days. The lake level is 556.71 with just enough generation to handle what is coming in from the river. They are making no attempt to drop the lake with Newport at 9-feet. Hurricane season is just starting and it is not unusual for a storm to hit the gulf coast and then track north and give northern Arkansas a heavy rain. I hope this does not happen but we are still several inches below average rainfall for the year. This cloudy weather with light winds makes for good fishing all day. Harvey caught 13- keeper Crappie yesterday and said they are on the main lake in 28-30 foot of water 12-16 ft. down. The water is very clear but he is still using his balance pole straight down but about ready to switch to slip floats. Bass fishing is still good with the best bite on top water about 8-PM. Blackburns customers have not been bringing in the big stripers but have been catching some both on top early and late. I remind them that there is a 20-inch minimum and they need to release them immediately. We do not take pictures of undersized fish at Blackburns. Throw the smaller ones back they will grow big real fast. Many undersized walleye are also being caught. Their minimum is 18-inches. The big ones will be showing up on the bottom on Blackburns Brush piles very soon. Use creature baits for bass and black spinner baits on windy late evenings and bass assassins and spoons for stripers. We do not have any trollers in now but they seem to show up just at the right time for the big stripers. This is a good time. You can save a lot of money staying at Blackburns resort and renting a boat.

A Low Pressure is Moving in Over the Norfork Lake Area and Should Stay For Several days

May 27th, 2014

We need the rain badly and I hope we get some. What the cloudy warm days will do is make for good fishing. The lake is quiet again and it is an excellent time for you fishermen to visit Blackburns Resort. There will be a top water bite so be ready and use Bass Assassins with a weighted nose hook Albino in color until you see the fish come up and then use the same thing with no weight just on a worm hook. The lake is just stained enough where you can still fish straight down over brush for crappie and bass. Work main lake points with brush and secondary points and you will pick up a few walleye. You should be able to get in a good day of fishing everyday and do not have to travel far from Blackburns secluded dock. Schools are not out yet so there is time to fish with peace and quiet and catch some good fish. We are still about 3-weeks behind normal. The lake level is 556.78 and stable for three days with some generation in the evenings. Newport is now at 10-feet and they are still holding Norfork. Go figure. If you have some physical limitations, come on down and you can park, step on the dock and step on a boat. It does not get any better than this. Wish you were here.

The Weather Has Been About Perfect For The Memorial Day Weekend

May 26th, 2014

It has been in the 80’s for highs and 60’s for lows with no rain. The lake level is 556.8 and stable for the last 24 hours with a few hours of generation in the evening. The lake level at Newport is 11-feet and there is no reason for them not to generate. It is very fortunate for the lake level that the area is several inches below normal for rainfall. They did the same thing last year and it is starting to look like a pattern keeping the level much higher than in the past reducing flood capacity. The best levels for lake accessibility are between 548 and 558 where all ramps and parking lots are easily accessed. We are at the higher end of that range now but still in excellent condition where you can just step on Blackburns Dock with no steps up or down with full parking lot available. The lake traffic was pretty busy but with very few giant boats. When I see a steep sided boat with radar I get away from it as quickly as possible before the wake hits. Fortunately Norfork Lake has very few of these. I relocated here 20-years ago because of low boat traffic and no mosquitoes and although several things have changed during that period these two have not. They can keep those Queen Marys further up north where people like them better. We fishermen prefer Bass boats and Pontoons.  The fishermen can now have the lake back until school lets out and this is an excellent time to visit. Please compare prices before you book your trip and Blackburns will be happy to have you visit. Fishing is very good now with a surface temperature of just over 70 and the creeks stained a little which is good for bass and crappie fishing.  Bink is catching some big Hybrids, Stripers and Walleye.

Nice Today and tomorrow With a Chance Of Showers Tonight

May 24th, 2014

The lake level is still rising slowly at 556.74 and the surface temperature has finally passed 70. It is getting dry here again and we need the rain but do not need the lake to rise anymore. Blackburns has some openings for next week and would be happy to have you visit. You will not pay too much.

Blackburns Guests fishing with Bink's Guide Service

Blackburns Guests fishing with Bink's Guide Service

Bink is Catching the Stripers 1 of 7

May 22nd, 2014

Blackburns Resort guests Fishing With Bink's Guide service. What a Team.

Blackburns Resort guests Fishing With Bink's Guide service. What a Team.

The Weather looks To Be Warm and Sunny For The next Several Days

May 21st, 2014

The lake level is 556.64 and rising slowly with a surface temperature of about 70. It is starting to get dry again and we have had below average rainfall this spring. It was 88 degrees yesterday. It is in the 60’s early with light winds until the daytime heating takes over and the wind picks up. It usually goes back down with evening cooling if there is not a front coming through. If you get out about 6-AM and fish until 10 or 11 and take the middle of the day off and go out again after 5-Pm and fish until dark you can get in a good day of fishing. Bass fishing is still good, crappie fishing is fair and big walleye have moved to Blackburns Part of the Lake and can be caught on a Bink’s Jigging spoon near brush on the bottom. I will show you where when you get here. You will see some big stripers coming in soon on umbrellas and jigging spoons. The hottest time in the summer is excellent for spooning up stripers deep. It has been a very busy time so far this spring at Blackburns resort. Wish you were here. Check prices before you book so you do not pay too much.

2 Of 12 Caught on a Bink's Jigging Spoon Yesterday

2 Of 12 Caught on a Bink's Jigging Spoon Yesterday