It is Cold Again Today With High To Barely Reach 50

Nice tomorrow and a very good chance of rain Thursday and Thursday night. Hope the weather is good for our friends in the Bass Cat tournament. Just keep the wind and severe storms away. The level is 553.69 and pretty stable with light generation for a few hours a day. Blackburns has a full house of mostly fishermen but some construction workers and people looking for real estate. It is a good mix. Fishing in general is slow but these guys fish hard and are catching a few good fish. Marion Bass reported that he found some 52 degree water and some fish in Bennetts but could only catch small ones. Same as the guys going up river near the border. I still am not seeing any stripers staging for spawn just past Cranfield on the flats where they usually are. This exact thing happened last year except we did not have the big shad kill then. Actually we had two of them this year. It seems like when there is a kill the shad gather into huge schools and they then fragment after it is over. What most striper fishermen call the night bite is not just when you can catch fish after dark but when they move to the long gravelly shallow banks on the main lake at dark to simulate spawn. There are some good ones near the dam and by Cranfield Island. What they are doing now is feeding on shad after the water warms up during the day and continue until after dark. The best bite has been just at sundown and after dark for at least two months. Either Bink, Harvey or I am out there everyday if not all three of us and we will try to keep you updated. I do not usually go when the fishing is real tough because I do not have to. The guides do. Remember you can save at least $30 a day on a one bedroom cabin by staying at Blackburns Resort and not pay for boat stalls. You can buy quite a bit of gas for that. Be glad to have you.


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  1. admin says:

    The Bass Cat people must have made more good friends at their tournament at Sam Rayburn Lake last year. We have more guests from Texas than ever at Blackburns resort and they are very nice. Good luck

  2. Tim says:

    Hope all catters have a safe weekend

  3. admin says:

    Me to. They are nice people and have nice boats.

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