It Barely Hit 50 Today and Same For Tomorrow

Looks to be springlike for this weekend. The water color in the creeks is stained and in excellent condition. I cannot get anything good to bite in the early mornings. When the sun comes up and it warms things up about 11AM things start to get better and the best bite is at sunset and after on a jerk bait. If you get a late flight out for the tournament you will be better off. There is some 50 degree water in the creeks in late afternoon but the nights are still too cool. If you are a White Bass and Hybrid Bass Fisherman the first week in April would be my guess and the spring top water bass and stripers after that. It could warm up real fast. It looks like most of the dead and dying shad are getting cleaned up on this end of the lake. The lethargic shad cannot swim very well and tend to go with the wind so it is very important to fish wind blown banks late afternoon and after dark. I know this does not help you tournament fishermen much but I would not give up fishing deeper brush with a 1/4 ounce Bink’s Spoon. It works for me.


3 Responses to “It Barely Hit 50 Today and Same For Tomorrow”

  1. admin says:

    I was catching a lot of small fish up the river on a stick bait but no keepers and only saw the walleye fishermen catching small ones too so I left. Will stick around Blackburns.

  2. Tim says:

    arriving april 4th. What lures do you suggest

  3. admin says:

    5-inch suspending stick bait green back and white bottom. 6-lb. fluorocarbon line with no snaps or swivels.

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