It was 70 degrees yesterday and to be 60 Today

Should be a good day for the Cystic Fibrosis tournament. There will be a lot of good fishermen in the tournament and it will be interesting to see how they do. Fishing has hit a plateau with these cool nights and the surface temperature is not rising much. There is another cold front coming in with below average lows and this will not help anything. We need some overnight lows to be near 60 to make the night bite for stripers happen as well as the top water bite. The night bite for stripers does not happen every year but the top water bite does. The level is 553.79 and is dropping slowly with quite a bit if generation and the surface temperature still fluctuates from the mid to high 40’s. Fishing brush for crappie and bass with spoons and minnows ¬†and jerk baiting still are your best baits and the evening is your best bite. Look for shad on wind blown banks part way back in the creeks around secondary points. The wind is shifting to the North now and it will cool down starting this evening with highs in the 50’s and lows near or below freezing so bring warm clothes. These fish want to move shallow and back in the creeks bad and they will. We will see if the wind blows the White Bass and Hybrids into Blackburns Creek. Should be soon. I am not sure if the shallow shad are spawning or not but it sure looks like it.


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    I got a water temperature of 48.6 in Blackburns Creek at 4PM today.

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