It is Windy Today With Highs In The Mid 60’s. Weather Looks Good For Several Days.

The lake level is 553.57 and has raised 1.81 feet in the last two days with light generation for just a few hours. I went out about 5-Pm last evening and fished Blackburns brush piles with a grub for a while, caught several fish, and then switched to a jerk bait until dark and caught some more. It was a mixed bag of stripers, white bass, bass and crappie, nothing big but some pretty good ones. The water temperature was 47.9 I came in just at dark and they were still biting. This does not mean they will do this every evening but is a good sign. The fish were just off the bank part way back in the creeks and I was cranking the suspending lure about 4-5 feet down, letting it set, giving it three quick jerks taking up the slack and letting it set again starting it over about half way back to the boat. Most of the bites came in the back of brush piles where they moved from to feed. I saw no signs of stripers simulating spawn but we are just past the full moon in March with colder than normal water temperatures.


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  1. BINKS says:

    Blackburnes fishing report is right on the money. There is a short time frame just before dark that the fish are feeding. The night bite has not started yet, the water is to cold. When the water temp reaches into the fiftes the stripers will start to move up shallow during the day and after dark. We need some warm nights for that to happend, it’s not far away so keep in touch with steves fishing reports.

  2. John Lengerman says:

    Looking forward to getting your latest update on Thursday when we arrive.

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