The Surface Temperature in Blackburns Creek Was 46 degrees Last Evening

When I woke up this morning it was 55 degrees and now it is 45 degrees and windy and raining. It is to freeze tonight and clear with excellent weather for next week. We have received over two inches of rain so far with more to come. The lake level is 552.20 and has risen 4-inches in the last 24-hours with no generation. The creeks are running and the grass is getting very green as is the lake. Fishing had just began to pick up and we will see what this does. Reports that the night bite for stripers has begun is premature. There are a few being caught but not very many and most of them have been during the day. Jerk baits and jigging spoons are still the baits of choice and live bait fishermen are having a hard time. There are several fish moving to the creek banks and some are still deep. We just need the water to warm up and this weather is not helping anything. It will happen but we are at least two weeks behind. We need some 50 degree water that is not way back in the creeks. All of Blackburns cabins are open and the last pieces of new carpet are being installed as we speak. Check out our prices before you book your trip. We do not want you to pay too much. People are catching fish but not a lot everyday.


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  1. BINKS says:

    Well Well Well this is just what we needed a good heavey rain to muddy up the water and bring up the water temp. With this heavey rain that we are getting and going to get the spring fishing will be in full swing in a few day. The white bass will head far back in the creek along with the stripers and hybrids. Most important look for shallow flat pee gravel banks that are slow sloping, with the wind blowing on them that’s where the whites will be. If you are thinking of a fishing trip keep in tune to steves fishing report and when he say the water temp is in the 50s for three days or more you want to be on the water, with Rod and Reel in hand. Binks Guide Service

  2. People are asking me if Norfork Lake is a foot low for some reason. No it is not. It is 552.35 and is rising about an inch an hour with no generation for who knows why. In my opinion it is four feet too high for this time of year but I do not control the dam. I wish I did. We would be setting at 548 right now. A two inch spring rain is not too unpredictable and there will be more of them. But that will probably be a surprise too. We just keep holding back water.

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