Another Very Nice Day But a Little Cooler

Surface temperature has dropped to 67 and should drop a little more with the cooler nights. It is to be in the mid 60’s today and the rain that was predicted went south. Should be very good until Sunday when more weather is scheduled. This one looks to me to have a better chance. The lake level is 557.37 and dropped 8-1/2 inches yesterday. If my theory is correct the drop will slow down on the 15th which is Sunday. One good thing about Norfork being last on the drop list is that it allowed the water to stay stable during a good part of the spawn and the water temperature was 70 so it only took 6 or 7 days for the hatch. Everything is at least a month ahead but looks to be more seasonable now. There was a good top water bite yesterday morning for White Bass and Catfish and Bluegill are also biting well. I am not hearing about many very large black Bass being caught like they were a week ago. Small Mouth are in their normal places and biting. I will set out a trot line when the lake stabilizes and most of these boats get off the water. I am ready for a Catfish Dinner. We do not charge extra for normal boat stalls.


4 Responses to “Another Very Nice Day But a Little Cooler”

  1. Mark Wrona says:

    When do you think Stripers will start bite on top water lures?

  2. admin says:

    They Are Doing It now But Not Every Day. Will get better and better.

  3. Don Martin says:


    The Martin brothers will be down again on the 5th of May. What should the crappie bite be like since they have had a early spawn? We look forward to another year of great fishing and good times at Blackburn’s Resort, the best resort in Arkansas! Please tell Debbie and the gang we are looking forward to seeing all of you!

    Thank You,


  4. admin says:

    It is too soon to know. If they slow the drop way down Harvey and I will find them before then. Stay in touch.

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