We Received Over 3-Inches of Rain Last evening and This Morning

March 26th, 2015

They said on the radio that we got just over 2-inches but both of my rain gauges had 3.1 and it is still sprinkling. The severe weather was north of us into Missouri but we got a lot of lightening. The creeks are still running and they just quit generating and the level is 555.55 and still rising. The backs of the creeks are brown. The main lake is still fine and the creeks seem to clear very quickly in the spring. We are usually concerned about the water being too clear. It looks like several days of sunshine in a row starting this weekend along with warm temperatures. I am going fishing soon and will give you the full details. Just stay out of the brown water while fishing and you will be all right. This is normal for the spring.

Warm for the Next Couple of Days and Then Cooling a Bit

March 24th, 2015

The lake level is 554.25 and has nearly quit rising with a few hours of light generation. The level at Newport is way down and they are discharging much less indicating the big slug went on through. We get a rain every week this time of year. I go fishing when the low pressure starts to move in and fish until it starts to rain. The surface temperature is 57 degrees and rising slowly. There is some warmer water in the backs of the creeks especially after a sunny day. The lake is clearing and we are not too dry or too wet. The grub tipped with a minnow is working 1/2 way back in the creeks near brush during the day as are other soft plastics and stick bait after dark. I prefer the smaller baits. Some big white bass are also moving in.

Ethan Let His Grandpa Walker from Springfield Come Back and They Had a Good Time.  They caught 44 keeper bass and 20 White Bass one being 20-inches all on Jerk Baits.

Ethan Let His Grandpa Wayne Walker from Springfield Come Back and They Had a Good Time. We missed Ethan. They caught 44 keeper bass and 20 White Bass one being 20-inches all on Jerk Baits.

They Were Here For Three Days

They Were Here For Three Days

Nice Fish

Nice Fish


Sunny, Mid 70’s With Light South Westerly Winds. Not Bad.

March 23rd, 2015

I am not sure but I would bet the people from Chicago that just got here are glad. This is a perfect day. The lake is clearing, the water is warming and the flowers are blooming. The lake level is just right and the fishing is coming around. For you that like fishing in the dark for stripers, now is the time and it could last for awhile. Some crappie are on the banks and some are on shallow brush back in the creeks. Some good bass are also on and behind brush in the creeks. A few walleye are being caught on smaller stick baits in the evening but not a lot. A good bait during the day is soft plastics with a weighted nose hook. I am using a small leadhead with a 2-1/2 inch grub light green tipped with a minnow. It was good to meet Jim Bornhop and also good to see John again. Jim booked another trip next month. Blackburns has several repeat customers during the year. Wish you were here. Debbie and Susan are working very hard cleaning and painting everything and nearly all of the cabins are ready for you. With the lower gas prices and Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental’s lowest cabin and boat rental prices you can save hundreds of $ on a spring break trip. Come on down. If you are not staying at Blackburns you are paying too much.

Jim Bornhop With a Nice Stringer of Norfork Lake Crappie and Bass.

Jim Bornhop With a Nice Stringer of Norfork Lake Crappie and Bass.

That's What I'm Talkin About.

That's What I'm Talkin About.

It Is Cloudy This Morning With Some Light Showers

March 22nd, 2015

It is to get to the high 60’s today and clear off tonight and in the 70’s tomorrow. The lake level is 554.03 and has risen one inch in the last 24-hours. The water temperature is 55 degrees and rising slowly and is starting to clear again but is still stained in the creeks. John Bornhop and his brother are here and catching some nice crappie. They went with Harvey Hall one day and had a good time. We are glad to see them. They are fishing in the Pigeon Creek area. The fish are in shallow brush about 10-feet deep. My brush under the dock is in about 15 feet of water and they are on it too. Bass, Crappie and Bluegill are all together. Some good sized White Bass have moved into the creek. Things are coming around slowly but steadily and it is impossible to predict top-water action. As soon as we get some 70- degree weather it drops to the 50’s. The wind has been minimal and the overall fishing conditions are good as are access to launches and docks. Last year it did this and turned hot overnight. Cannot control that but am just happy to be able to be outside and not in an office. I did it for a long time but did not really fit in. This is much better. Easter would be a good time for a visit and we will not charge you too much.

We Look To Have Some very Nice Weather For The Next Several Days

March 21st, 2015

The lake level is 553.94 and rising much slower now with one generator on for several hours a day. The discharge at Newport is slowing as is the level. I hope they can keep this level . It was 54 degrees in Blackburns Creek last evening and the water is stained green. The water at Redbank is brown and is moving this way but should settle out before it gets here unless they start generating heavily. It has slowed the crappie fishing in that area though. They got more rain both north and south of us than we did. Our moisture level is just about right here. The fish want to move to the creeks on the bank bad. I am catching several fish in back of brush piles in the evening on a grub. The bluegill moved under Blackburns Dock yesterday and that is a good sign but is just a bit behind. You can catch some big crappie on the bank with small jigs. Match the color with the water. Use nose weighted soft plastics for bass and work like a worm. I like Bass Assassins Arkansas Shiner Color and Albino. They work for walleye too. I use these before dark and switch to Stick Baits at dark. They have been around for a long time now and the fish have seen them but they still work but not as well as they used to. Blackburns still has 1-Bedroom Cabins for two people for $48/day and free boat stalls. Come on down.

We are Getting a Cold Light Rain Now But Conditions Look Good For The Weekend.

March 18th, 2015

The lake has risen to 553.44 and is at the base of the buckbrush. Harvey Hall went crappie fishing yesterday and caught 16. Some fish are on the banks and some still on shallow brush. He thinks this cold rain may move the ones on the bank to the brush again since any rain is running off. He is fishing the Pigeon Creek area on brush in 10-feet of water 4-feet down with minnows. Be patient he says but they are taking the bait violently when they hit. The water is stained green in the creeks. I have been catching some good bass and crappie on jerk baits in the evening at sunset until dark but not too many. Maybe 3 or 4 in an hour. Striper fishermen are still catching some in Float Creek on stick baits after dark. They are simulating a spawn not feeding unless you roll the bait right over them. I caught a couple of smaller ones just at dark before I came in from north of Cranfield Island but I was after walleye and cannot seem to catch one much above the 18-inch minimum. Harvey said the crappie he cleaned were about two weeks away from spawning which should put them on the bank in the Pigeon, East pigeon and Briar creek area about Easter. He is booking up fast for the spring so call 870-481-5630 to schedule a trip. He is the best Crappie fisherman around.  Back to spring this weekend. The water temperature is not warming very fast and the Level at Newport on the White River is very high and they are discharging at near record levels to get rid of the water from last weeks heavy rain south of here. It looks to have finally crested and will slowly drop allowing more generation on Norfork. I like this level where we are now and things will bust open when the weather stays warm all night for a few days. I am ready for bank crappie fishing and top water bass and striper fishing. There are a lot of fish out there. If you come for Easter bring the kids for the egg hunt. Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental Has the biggest one around and the kids love it. Eggs and prizes for all ages and the price is right like everything here. Blackburns is the fun place.

The Surface Temperature is 50.5 In Blackburns Creek Despite The Warm Weather

March 17th, 2015

The rain was warm and raised the creek temperature and when mixed in dropped it a bit. The lake level is 553.10 and the brown water is gone from the creeks. I came from the dam by boat and saw debris from there to Robinson Point so be careful when driving at night. It is not big stuff but big enough to ruin your prop. It cleared by the 101 bridge and north. Was worse around Tracy Ferry and Diamond Bay. I turned three crappie and a bass lose under Blackburns Dock and they swam right into the brush I just put in there. I also saw some other crappie, bass and bluegill on it. This is the first time I have seen this. Things they are a changin. Wish you were here. Rain again Tomorrow but not much and cooler. Normal high is 62. It is busy here at Blackburns.

It Is Sunny and In The Low 70’s Today With Light Winds From the South

March 15th, 2015

We got another 0.3 of an inch of rain yesterday and the creeks just quit running this morning. They generated for two hours this morning with one unit and that surprises me a bit with the level at Newport being at the highest regulated level of 24 feet. It is an indication that the flash floods south of us may be working their way through the system. The creeks here have been cleaned out and there is some small debris back in the creeks and brown water. This will settle out quickly with the sunshine and no rain for a few days. The level now is just past 552 which is a good level. When looking for night stripers go to the biggest creeks with long flats with the moon shining on them if possible. North of Cranfield Island, Float Creek and Near the dam on the main lake are good choices. Crank those stick baits down a few turns before slowly retrieving. Check the archives in this blog for details. I have written instructions several times in the past years. The fish are on these banks in the spring to simulate a spawn and in the fall (usually in November) to feed. During the day bass are still hitting jerk baits with some big crappie and walleye mixed in. Stay out of the brown water but stay in green stained water. I saw some night crawlers come to the ground surface with the rain and that is a good sign for bass fishermen. Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental has one bedroom cabins at $48/day for two people, and two bedrooms at $60/day for four people. Can’t beat that. Come on down. 1-800-635-0526

Tom Kelly Caught These and More Last night in float Creek. He fishing from sunset until 10:30 PM. Nice fish Tom.

Tom Kelly Caught These and More Last night in float Creek. He fishing from sunset until 10:30 PM. Nice fish Tom.

We Received 1.5 Inches of Rain Yesterday and Last Night and It is Still Sprinkling

March 14th, 2015

The lake has risen to 551 and continues to rise with the creeks still running and no generation. Water temperature is still in the high 40’s. It is to clear off this afternoon and get very warm for a couple of days. I would expect the lake to rise to 553 and that is what I call normal for this time of year. Everything is greening up very fast and daffodils are getting ready to bloom as are the Bradford Pears. We had no winter until the middle of February when it is usually over and then they lowered the boom on us. Glad it is over. We are about a week or a little more behind and our average high is 60. Jerk baits during the day and slow rolling stick baits after dark are the best lures. This is a good time for a fishing trip. Our guests during the rainy season realize the importance of having a covered porch on your cabin and when it gets hot to be able to get out of the sun without going inside. You do not have to worry about mosquitoes because we do not have any here at Blackburns. We do have a lot of birds including Road Runners, deer and turkeys. The bluebirds are nesting now and are beautiful. Have not seen the Purple Martin Scouts yet. They are usually here the 1st of March. Big flocks of geese are flying over heading north. This is a wonderful time of year. Wish you were here.

Ethan Walker and his Grandpa From Springfield, Mo. Caught 22 Bass On Jerk Baits in Two Days. Eight were keepers and were up to 4-lbs.

Ethan Walker and his Grandpa From Springfield, Mo. Caught 22 Bass On Jerk Baits in Two Days. Eight were keepers and were up to 4-lbs.

Nice Job Ethan. Come Back Soon.

Nice Job Ethan. Come Back Soon.

It Started Raining Yesterday Evening and We have 0.7 Inches So Far

March 13th, 2015

The lake has risen to 550.22 and this is the first time it has been over 550 since January 23rd. They have slowed generation a lot due to the high levels at Newport. I expect the level to rise significantly if we get the 1-1/2 inches predicted with the ground saturated and everything running off. We are are on the edge but could get more if it stays raining as steadily as it is now all night. I am glad it is only 550 now instead of the new minimum flow level. The lake will continue to rise until mid May if it rains any at all due to snow melt and heavy rain elsewhere. I like the level to be in the buckbrush for the spawn. We are in good shape as of now. There was some 50 degree water for a period of time Wednesday with the 70 degrees and sunshine but has dropped a few degrees with the cloudy and 60 degree weather. It was 47 in Blackburns creek last evening with stained green water. When it rains the back of the creeks turn brown but seem to clear the next day. Guests reported catching fish both during the day and after dark. Several left today and more tomorrow but the weather will get nice again Saturday afternoon for the next batch. The fronts come and go every week now with some rain at least once a week. Try and get out there after a period of high pressure or when the low pressure starts to move in. Things are changing now everyday. The coin laundry is now open and I will work on more cabins today. Several boats are rented. Come on down. We will not charge you too much.